100 Life Changing Moments: Gregg Easton’s story about his media career and radio

Gregg photo

by Sarah Lee
Posted on: September 26th, 2014

Gregg Easton, the former UCFM content team and music director, professionally began his media career with a large background in radio and media when he was 19 years old. Nearly being in the industry for 30 years, Gregg says his media career has given him many opportunities and he loves not knowing what to expect everyday.

Gregg first became inspired was when he was 16 years old in the 1980s and one day he was on the school bus and heard the man speaking on the radio. He thought, “that guy on the radio gets paid to do that job”. After that, Gregg sent some letters off to some radio stations and they told him that to learn you go to the country. So Gregg started out as a trainee announcer at 35R in Shepparton, Victoria. From then on, Gregg started working at his first radio station called 200 Wollongong at the time but it is now called I98. Gregg also worked at numerous radio stations in from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and then to Canberra. 

He also studied at the Max Rowley Media Academy in Sydney doing a radio and presenting course that went for 12 months. This led to so many more opportunities at local radio stations in Brisbane then he eventually came back to Canberra. 

Gregg has had multiple positions during his media career such as a presenter, journalist, music director, and content director. Gregg has loved every minute of it and he wanted to take it further and it rolled on from one job to another. 

“I think it’s something that’s in your blood. So it is something that totally encapsulates you. And unless you’re prepared to really deal with that, and accept it, and the demands to what it takes, then you probably shouldn’t do it”. 


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